"I now know that the single most important tool for tapping into our highest potential is meditation."

Tami Roos

PHD, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Meditation Teacher and Intuitive Healer


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After returning to studies to earn her PHD in Parapsychic Science with her dissertation on meditation, Tami Roos came to a life-changing realization. And that is alignment with our untapped highest potential is the missing link to a life of fulfillment and well-being. The tool that leads us there: meditation.

Today as the acclaimed author of Amazon's best seller Presence to Power: I AM the Gift, Tami offers timeless wisdom for the individual seeking to slow down, gain clarity and experience more calm in their life. By embracing the tools and techniques highlighted throughout the book, readers have the ability to positively influence their lives, relationships and business.

An accomplished keynote speaker Tami addresses audiences ranging from CEO’s looking to embrace more influence, efficiency and professional impact – to those people seeking to access the power mindfulness has to improve their lives.

Understanding the significant impact meditation can have on the mental states and performance of professional athletes, Tami has led programs for the Melbourne Demons and the Sydney Swans. She co-authored Sport is Life, Life is Sport with her husband Paul Roos, former professional Australian Rules Football player and Premiership Coach. The book focuses on practical insights into life balance, meditation, family, travel, leadership, mentoring and coaching.

Tami’s meditation program is exceptional. I really enjoyed her six-week course with guided meditations and lectures. I’ve been mediating for 20 years and have enriched my practice with the Meditation Mindset.

Tami’s wealth of wisdom and beautiful caring voice makes this course unique and well worth the investment.

It is a great reminder of all the benefits fo meditation and how important this practice is for everyone’s wellbeing. I’ve downloaded the Meditation Mindset and use it all the time I highly recommend this valuable program to new and experienced meditators.

Julie Gray

The Meditation Mindset
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One of my greatest joys is sharing my knowledge and experience of meditation, mindfulness and wellness having addressed audiences in various venues from conferences to universities, to corporate meetings and summits. I am passionate about the benefits of learning to pause the mind and reset, creating more peace of mind, balance and clarity.

"During our Leadership Conference when we were all fading by mid-afternoon, Tami came along and brightened up our day by guiding us through her meditation technique that resulted in new energy, clarity and purpose.

It was the talk of our conference as one of the best sessions. Thank you for this gift."

Simone Wright – VP Human Resources Asia Pacific Pearson

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As an a best selling author, Tami has the ability to communicate easily and authentically with her audience. She writes, as she teaches, from her heart and wishes to convey the gift that is meditation, mindfulness, and life balance and how it is all interrelated.

"Thank you for providing us all with a wonderful Gift! I am big believer in things occurring at the right time for the right reason and your book came into my life at precisely the right time. Challenges always present us with a choice. You can chose to be overwhelmed and fall victim to your current circumstances or you can take control of your life by learning to quiet the mind, listen to the heart and reconnect with your true self. We must believe in ourselves and our ability to cultivate happiness in our lives and The Gift is a wonderful reminder and teacher on how to do so. I love it!"

Layne Beachley – 7 times World Surfing Champion

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Tami is an experienced meditation facilitator having led group meditations to hundreds of people wishing to experience the benefits of meditation. Her highly sought after meditations have been guiding and nurturing individuals as she reminds us...

“Peace is not experienced outside of yourself but from within yourself.”

Tami Roos

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A six-week Masterclass in the art of practicing meditation in order to live a more fulfilled and balanced life; empower inner strengths, maximize focus, enhance decision-making ability, reduce stress, reduce procrastination, energize actions, access creative answers and ideas, set appropriate boundaries and develop techniques for deep relaxation.

Come to know the three practices of self-loving, engage in gratitude, create your sanctuary, build a relationship with your inner world, understand the primary fears of meditation, the power of presence, listen to your heart and bridge the gap between self doubt and trust.

Guided by a weekly audio and meditation the journey will naturally unfold. Support materials included.

You are worth the effort and you can lead the life you wish to lead.

"When I first started playing football it was purely a physical thing. I wanted to get fitter and stronger, I wanted to be faster and more skilful. I began to realise midway through my professional footballing career that I required something more than just the physicality of the game. I needed to equip myself with a different set of tools that would help to prepare me mentally. Tami has helped me greatly with my meditation. Her guidance and teaching methods have allowed me to increase my focus, knowledge of meditation and self-awareness. Most importantly meditation has created a balance for me and that balance has transcended into all other areas of my life."

Brett Kirk, Sydney Swans Premiership Captain

Organisations Tami has worked with

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